Lebanon, Ohio

TriHealth had the opportunity to purchase a GE 1.5T Signa MRI from a sports medicine practice on a campus near Bethesda North Hospital. PFB Architects provided the required coordination, programming, and planning measures to renovate an existing shell space at Bethesda Arrow Springs Medical Center into an Outpatient MRI Suite. This project required PFB to facilitate the coordination between engineering consultants and vendors for the MRI unit, chiller unit, as well as review of the MRI magnetic shielding.

The design of the MRI Suite provides ample circulation space for patients on stretchers or wheelchairs, and includes patient waiting and reception, changing areas, holding bays, an MRI control room, and clean and soiled utility rooms. We provided multiple lighting levels, controlled by the Radiologist from the MRI control room, and also paid special attention to acoustics - upon completion, technicians in the control room cannot hear the MRI operating unless the speaker system is activated.